Can thermal paper be used in ordinary printers?

Thermal paper is a special paper with heat-sensitive properties and is often used to print receipts, invoices and other occasions that require temporary recording of information.

However, some people may wonder, whether thermal paper can be used in a regular printer?

In this paper, we will explore this question and give the answer.

First, let’s understand how thermal paper works.Thermal paper contains a heat-sensitive chemical coating that, when stimulated by heat energy, reacts to generate images or text on the paper.This particular chemical reaction requires a specific type of printer to generate the required heat, which is why a thermal paper usually needs a thermal printer.

Ordinary printers, usually an inkjet or laser printer, use a completely different printing technique.

They rely on the injection of ink or powder onto paper to form images or text without the stimulation of heat.Therefore, it is impossible to put thermal paper to print in a ordinary printer.

In addition, the print head of an ordinary printer is also different from the print head of a thermal printer.The thermal printer’s print head releases heat to activate the chemical reaction on the thermal paper, but the ordinary printer does not have this function.If you put thermal paper into a regular printer, the print head will not generate the required heat, which cannot generate images or text.

Therefore, the answer is that thermal paper cannot be used in ordinary printers.

If you need to print documents using thermal paper, it is recommended to use a special thermal printer or other suitable printing device.

To sum up, thermal paper is a special paper that can only be used in a special thermal printer.

Ordinary printers use different printing techniques and fail to generate the heat needed to activate the chemical reaction on the thermal paper.

Therefore, when choosing a paper type, be sure to select the paper suitable for the printing device you use for the best printing results.

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