What is a thermal paper?

Introduction: In the modern commercial and retail industry, thermal paper is a widely used special paper type. It generates images and text through thermal action during the printing process, without the use of ink. This paper will introduce the working principle, use of thermal paper and its importance in the commercial field.

The working principle of the thermal sensitive paper

 Thermal paper is a paper containing special chemicals, whose surface is coated with a thermal sensitive layer. When heat is applied to the thermal printing head, the chemicals in the thermosensitive layer react to produce visible images and text. The small resistance heating experience in the print head is accurately heated through the thermal sensitive layer according to the desired pattern and text. The use of the thermal paper

Thermal paper is mainly used for commercial applications

such as printing receipts, invoices, labels and bills. Because it does not require the use of ink or carbon tape, the thermal printing technology is simple, efficient and cost-saving characteristics. As a result, it is widely used in the collection and transaction processing in retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, logistics, and many other industries.

The advantages and importance of thermal paper

Thermal paper has some important advantages that make it indispensable in the business environment. First of all, the thermal sensitive printing speed is fast, can quickly generate print output, improve work efficiency. Second, with no ink or carbon tape required, the thermal printer is cheaper to maintain and has to be easier to operate and replace paper. In addition, the images and text printed on thermal paper are of high quality, clear and readable, and not easy to fade.

How to choose and use the heat-sensitive paper

When selecting thermal paper, the paper size and quality requirements should be determined according to the printer model and specifications, as well as the specific printing requirements. Usually, a variety of sizes of thermal paper are available on the market, including the common 80mm x 80mm and 80mm x 70mm. It is very important to choose the size of the thermal paper that is suitable for the printer and to meet the business requirements. In addition, when using thermal paper, attention should be paid to properly store and protect the paper, to avoid exposure to high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight environment, to prevent the paper quality is damaged or the printing effect is affected.

Environmental protection considerations of thermal paper

Despite its broad uses and advantages in commercial applications, thermal paper also faces some environmental challenges. Thermal paper usually contains some chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA), which plays a stable and reactive role in the thermosensitive layer. However, BPA is considered as a potential environmental and health risk substance. Therefore, more and more thermal paper manufacturers are starting to introduce paper products without BPA or low BPA content to reduce the impact on the environment.

sum up: Thermal paper is a special type of paper that generates images and text through thermal action. It is widely used in the business field in printing receipts, invoices, labels, etc., and has the advantages of fast, efficient and cost saving. It is very important to choose the size and quality of the thermal paper suitable for the printer and business needs. At the same time, for environmental protection, the selection of thermal paper with no BPA or low BPA content is also a factor worth considering. Thermal paper as an important commercial printing material, with the continuous development of technology and the improvement of environmental awareness, its quality and environmental performance are also constantly improving. The proper selection and use of thermal paper will help to improve work efficiency and provide more sustainable solutions for business operations.

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