What is the thermal paper made of?

Thermal paper is a special type of paper, widely used in cash registration machines, label printers and other thermal printing equipment.

This paper will introduce what material the thermal paper is made of, and its application in printing technology.

main body: Thermal paper is a kind of paper that generates images and text through thermal printing technology.It is printing by using heat-sensitive compounds in special coatings on the paper surface.The following are the main components of thermal paper:

Paper substrate: The substrate of thermal paper is usually made of wood pulp paper or recycled paper.This paper has good smoothness and a certain heat resistance to ensure that the thermal print head can effectively apply heat energy.

Thermal coating: The surface of the paper is coated with a special thermal coating.The coating contains a heat-sensitive compound, usually a chemical called diphenyl tin oxide (DBTO).

DBTO changes in color when it is heated to form printed images and text.

Protective coating: To protect the printed image from friction, moisture and ultraviolet light, the thermal paper is usually coated with a protective coating.This coating can improve the durability and water resistance of the thermal paper, and prolong the storage time of the image.

The manufacturing process of thermal paper involves evenly coating the paper substrate and ensuring its quality and performance.Accurate control and quality inspection in the production process are essential to ensure the printing effect and reliability of thermal paper.

Thermal sensitive paper is very widely used.It is mainly used in cash registration machines, label printers, bill printers and other equipment to print receipts, labels, bills and barcode information.

Because thermal paper does not need ink or carbon tape, so it has the advantages of fast, convenient and economic efficiency.

sum up: Thermal sensitive paper is a kind of paper that achieves the printing effect through thermal sensitive printing technology.It consists of paper substrate, thermal coating and protective coating.The manufacturing process of thermal paper requires precise coating and quality control to ensure the printing effect and reliability.Thermal paper is widely used in cash registration machine, label printer and bill printer and other equipment, to provide convenient and fast printing solutions for businesses and consumers.

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